Thursday, January 31, 2013


ME: Shoulder Press 150lbs 1x, failed 145lbs 2x

Seated Row: 3x6 reps, rest 1min
Result: 135(8x), 150(6x), 150(6x)

Barbell Tricep Extension: 3x10 reps, rest 1min
Results: 15lbs (10x)

Bench Arm Curls: 10lbs (27x)

Shoulder Shrugs: 3x10 reps, rest 1min
Results: 50lbs (10x)

1. 5min max rounds

5 - 135lb Bench Press
15 - Airsquats

Results: 6 rounds
Rest 2min

2. 5min max rounds

5 - pull ups
10 - Burpees
5 - toes to bar

Results: 4 rounds
Rest 2min

3. 5min max rounds

10 - pull ups
10 - Airsquats
5 - toes to bar

Results: 3 + 8 pull ups


  • Toes to bar are getting weak
  • Need to work on not pausing between activities
  • One pull-ups make sure I rest going down

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Snatch: 100lbs 9x, rest 1min

Notes: Did better not jumping back on the snatch. Noticed I am still jumping back on the clean. It seems to help the jump back if I think about squeezing the butt cheeks. On the jerk it seems to help focusing 45 degree angle down and certain point. This increases balance with the legs.

Rest 2min

Clean & Jerk: 140lbs, rest 1min

Rowed for 20min around a 29-31 meters per minute

Notes: In the row I noticed that most of the power comes from the knee and hip bend. Short bursts of energy here make the movement more efficient rather than thinking about the whole movement as one speed. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Band Push-Ups (30lbs)
Stretch: hamstrings, shoulders, squat

Results: 30, 20(tricep), 25(tricep)

ME: Lower Box Squat
Results: 295lbs (could get a little more parallel on these)

Good Mornings: 3 x 10, rest 1min
Result: 95lbs, sore from these. Hamstrings are weak

Dumbbell Step-Ups: 3x6, rest 1min
Results: 60lbs

GHD Situps with 10lb medicine ball: 3x max reps
Results: 11lbs 35x, 4lbs 26x, 0lbs 16x

Lower Back Extension: 3 x 15 reps
Results: 115, 130, 130

Grip Work 85lb dumbell both hands
Results: 50sec, 45sec, 36sec

3hr Break

3 Week Run Cycle
Run: 3 x 200m + 400m + 600m, rest time to complete interval
:45, 1:45, 2:45
:48, 1:48, 2:48
:51, 1:52, 2:51

Monday, January 28, 2013


DE: Shoulder Press 60lb bar, 30lb band

Strict Pull-Ups: 8,6,6
High Pulley Overhead Tricep: 3x10, 35lbs
Seated Dumbell Lateral Raise: 3x10, 15lbs

For Sets for Max Reps in 2min & 30sec:
  • Row 500m
  • Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 90sec between sets

1:50, 7
1:55, 8
1:56, 7
1:59, 7

Saturday, January 26, 2013


ME: Deadlift
Result = 285lbs x1rep
Notes: Could have lifted more. Had a hard time holding bar. Needing to research this more.

ME: Bench Press
Result = 210 x 1rep

2min of Double Unders = 105
2min of Situps = 48

90sec of DU = 60
90sec of situps = 30

30sec of DU = 58
30sec of situps = 22

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Training Schedule

First of all I need to point out I am not Level 1 certified or train at a box with certified instructors. I mainly workout at LA Fitness without any instructor viewing me and analyzing my performance. I am a YouTuber. I try to watch YouTube videos and get better. I have gone to some personal training sessions at Graham CrossFit and their assistance has been amazing. You have to consider that their is probably a large error in my results by not having a certified trainer constantly watching me.

I have been religiously following CrossFit Invictus's Competition  ( workout program for five months now. While I saw gains, I have noticed some strengths and weaknesses that pertain to me:


  • Compared to the CrossFit Endurance program ( I was following for about six months, this program called for more olympic lifts. I was terribly uncomfortable with those. It forced me to really focus on them and get better form.
  • My strength endurance is better. For example I can do more bar dips than I could before I started. 
  • My Handstand Push-Ups( HSPU) were non-existent before. Now I can do about 4-5 strict in a row.
  • I couldn't do a chest to bar pull when I started. Now I can do about five in a row during a WOD.
  • The CrossFit WODs are harder than a typical CrossFit Endurance in regards to strength. I can go back and do the male CrossFit Endurance Rx now. Before I was doing the CrossFit Endurance female Rx.
  • My running endurance has dropped off dramatically. I used to be able to run a 6min mile. I struggle with a 8min mile right now.
  • My maxes in squat and shoulder press have not increased very well. When I started I could do a max 270lb back squat. I just re-tested two days ago and I did a 285lb back squat. I was fully rested. My shoulder press was 140lbs. Now it is 155lbs
  • My explosiveness has decreased. I can't say with any numbers because I did not measure my vertical jump, but I have gained more muscle mass than explosive power.
  • My WOD intensity has decreased.

Part of this is because I believe CrossFit Invictus tends to build its explosiveness using the olympic movements. I am not not very good at those so I tended to work on form more than exploding. 

I also probably used heavier weights than I should have in the Invictus WODs. My level of effort was there, but my bar speed was low. I was training my muscles to move slower. I also had to rest not because my body was tired, but because a particular muscle group needed to recover for the rep. Sometimes I needed to rest 30sec to 1min to complete the movement.

It is also not fair to assume that just because I did Invictus's programs is the reason my HSPU got better. I had bad shoulder form that was corrected in Nov. 2012 by Graham CrossFit.  was losing mobility and strength in my shoulder by extending my shoulders too far back while in the catch of the snatch. After I aligned my shoulders in the snatch better, my mobility increased and so did my shoulder strength.

These are just some of the things I noticed. Being what things are I am going to experiment with a cross between CrossFit Endurance, Westside Barbell and CrossFit Invictus. Both have their merits for certain things. I think if I can combine the two I might see better results. 

For example I will use Westside Barbell's method ( to increase strength. CrossFit Endurance tends to follow the Westside method, but I would like to tailor it a little more towards my weaknesses and schedule. Also going to add more accessory work in (hamstring curls, triceps, etc).

For Endurance I am going to do some CrossFit Endurance WODs. In particular the running/rows/swim workouts. Breaking the endurance into intervals really helps me increase my intensity and performance. 

For WODs I am going to mix in CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Invictus. Whatever WOD I think is challenging or works on my weaknesses best.

For rest days I am going to try and follow CrossFit Invictus more. It is really important to do at least two good days of mobility during the week. I also follow Restwise to determine rest days.

I am not saying that CrossFit Invictus is bad or CrossFit Endurance is bad. I think they are both really good. I think for me and where I am at it is better to blend the the two then to strictly follow one or the other. 

1-24-13(GCF session)

Spent the morning working on snatch and deadlift form with Diana Kelly at Graham CrossFit.

Notes from the session:

  • Shrug then pull
    • Your arms should bend after the shrug
  • Don't jump back. I am thinking jump too much.
    • When I do the olympic lifts I tend to kick my legs back causing me to land a few inches back. This is causing the bar to be unstable when I land. I need to focus on landing with my feet. They should land horizontal from where they start.
  • Stay over the bar longer
    • I am lifting my chest up too soon when the bar is rising above my knees. I need to keep that back angle to keep that potential energy for exploding. I should feel this more more in the hamstrings if I am doing it correctly.
  • Setup a routine to the bar
    • It really helps to have a routine for confidence. Like shooting a free throw in a basketball game. Helps you relax a bit.
  • In the Burgender warm up I shouldn't jump and do it quick. Good time to work on my feet landing.
  • At the start my feet should be closer
  • Arms should be about thumb width apart from my legs
  • Hips raised at start
    • on heels
    • pull bar back
  • Way down same as way up
    • butt goes back
    • tension should be in hamstrings

CrossFit Endurance WOD
Run 5min, rest 2:30min (8mph on treadmil, 0 incline)
Run 6min, rest 3min (8mph on treadmill, 1.0 incline)
Run 7min  (8mph, 1.0 incline on treadmill)


  • hamstrings 2min
  • shoulder rotator 4min (with 45lb barbell to keep shoulder stable on ground)
  • calves 2min each
  • Shoulder with arms clasped behind back 2min each (using 65 resistance band to pull shoulder back) 
  • snatch position 2min each (30 sec on, 30 sec off using a 100lb resistance band adding tension to inside of hips)
  • Shoulder with arm 90 degree to body laying belly down on mat (1:30min each)
  • Hip flexors 2min each (1min on, 30 sec off using a 100lb resitance band adding tension)
* If you have no clue what I am talking about visit MobilityWOD

Pre-workout weight = 175
Post workout weight =174 (hydrated well)
80% Restwise Score

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Did not work out the past few days. Scored a 50% on my Restwise score. I was not sleeping well. I have to sleep in order before I work out. It is the cornerstone.

My problem is I toss and turn during the night. I probably wake up no less than 5x every night. That is just killing my deep REMs. I am trying systematically fix it. One solution is wear socks and dress warmer for bad. Eliminate the factor that I might wake up because I am cold. the other factor is being uncomfortable. I put pillow between my legs to help alleviate pressure. That seemed to help last night too.

As my last post noted...reorganizing workouts. Spent yesterday and today reading Westside Barbell and setting my own periodization chart. I seem to have that setup. The trick is cycling correctly. Not letting your body get too used to one exercise, but still working that muscle group so you don't lose your gains. I am researching more about that now.

ME: Shoulder Press = 155lb
ME: Back Squat = 185lb

For time:
Row 500m
135lb thrusters and strict pull-ups (12, 9, 6)
Row 500m

Result: 15:47
Thrusters (5/5/2, 5/4, 3/3)
Pull-Ups (5/5/2, 5/4, 3/2/1)
Notes: I really struggle with thrusters. This would have been hard for me with 95lbs. If I was to do it again I would have done it with the 95lbs to increase my bar speed. I got through the workout, but it did not probably make me more explosive. I was extremely tired afterwards so I know I put in a good effort.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changing Things

The last couple of weeks I have been considering changing my workout routine. I currently follow CrossFit Invictus's competition program. That has been good and bad. Good because it has forced me to face my fears in the Olympic lifts and upper body strength. Bad because the program does not target my specific weaknesses. I am getting to the point where I know what my weaknesses are. The problem is their program is not really targeting them as much as I think I should.

My weakness is strength.

I have been intrigued for over a year now of the Westside Barbell method to gain strength. Velocity is more important than mass. Their results clearly prove it. Squatting less than 500lbs there is a joke. I have been kind of stagnant the last 3 months at a 300lb squat. This needs to at least be 400lbs. I think I should be able to reach 500lbs for CrossFit. Any more than that and I am probably doing some serious damage to my spine and joints.

The reason this has been so hard is the CrossFit Open is less than 40 days away. Changing my program now is throwing in the towel in for this year. The Open historically focuses more on cardio than strength. I didn't expect to do well (I can't even Rx the snatch in some exercises). I wanted to see where I was with the best effort. I also know the more I delay changing my training, the more I delay my possibility of excelling next year. Next year is the real goal anyway. This year is to figure out my weaknesses and make them my friend. Also increase strength.

I am going to start doing my own programming and tracking my results. Going to incorporate some Westside Barbell, CrossFit Invictus (they have some great crossfit workouts) and CrossFit Endurance(by far the best for building cardio). Most important I am going to focus on my weaknesses more than the WOD of the day. I know my weaknesses. They are:

1. Strength
2. Flexibility
3. Olympic lifting form (in particular the snatch)
4. Deadlift (just bad form)
5. Muscle Ups

I need to focus my time on those and make friends with them. I will still throw in CrossFit workouts, but make them a priority after those weaknesses. I need to spend more time on those.

Monday, January 21, 2013


WOD 1:
A. 3 sets of HSPU max reps
Rest 5 min between sets. Stretch.

Results: 7(kip), 5(strict)2(kip), 5(strict)

B. 3 sets of resistance band push-ups
3 sets of air squats matching push-ups reps (go fast)
rest 5 min between sets. Stretch.

Results: 20, 30, 29
Notes: Next time, time air squats

WOD 2:
A. 5 sets of max repetition pull-ups
rest 90 sec between sets

B. 10 min of snatch form work with PVC bar

WOD 3:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weird Hours

One of the hardest things for me to deal with while Crossfit training is the weird hours I get at my current job banquet serving. Today I woke up at 4am and started work at 6am. Then I had another shift at 4:30pm till midnight. Last night I went to bed at around 10pm. I had to wake up 30min earlier each day this week to get my sleep schedule into a different order. It throws your sleep patterns out of schedule setting your blood sugar and metabolic systems into weird timings. It also makes you tired each day because you do not wake the up the same time and lose 30min of sleep everyday. The BBC had a great show about why it is important to get 8hrs of sleep every night and be consistent about the hours your are awake. You can see it in the video below.

So to help this last night I took melatonin to make me tired at about 7pm. I stumbled to bed at 8pm. Fell asleep by 9pm. A full 3hrs earlier than I was on Monday this week. Then when I woke up I had a smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter, protein and milk to jump up my blood sugar because banquet serving requires a lot of moving. I also had some green tea to keep me awake on the drive there.

You need 8hrs of sleep. Especially when you have an intense day in banquet serving with two shifts. But when you go from one day working till midnight to the next day having to start at 6am it is scheduled failure. Your body pays the price for it in the long run. It is really not fair. It is market driven. Not health driven.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A. Handstand push-ups - 5(kip), 5(strict), 4(strict)
Rest 5 min with stretching in between

B. Resistance Push-ups - 25,30,30
Rest 5 min with stretching in between

A. Lesson at Graham CrossFit
B. 3 sets of normal pull-ups, 3 sets of wide grip pull-ups, 3 sets of narrow grip pull-ups

Three sets, not for time, of:
Chest to bars x 7 reps
Strict Handstand Push-Ups x 10-12 reps
(add deficit if these are easy for you)

Results: Chest-to-bars 3x7 reps each. Getting lower than chest now. Believe if I can get kip higher might be able to pull and get chest and head over the bar. More strength is needed
HSPU: 5/4/1(strict), 3/2/2/2/1(strict), 5/5(kip). The second set of HSPU was really hard
Take 15-20 minutes to build to a heavy Split Jerk

Results: After afternoon session on snatch and it being the the 3rd day body was a little worn out. Worked on form mostly. 135, 155
Every minute, on the minute, for 5 minutes:
10 Shoulder to Overhead (95 lb)
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
If you are unable to complete the full round within the minute, complete the round and skip the round you spill into, then pick up on the next full minute.

Results: Completed three rounds. Other rounds missed finishing by one rep in chest-to-bars. At LA Fitness gym pull up bars were all used so had to improvise chest to bars on squat bar. Made it still hard, just not as hard as a real chest-to-bar. 
Three sets for max reps:
Stationary Dips x Max Reps @ 1011
(pause at full elbow extension every rep)
Rest 3 minutes

Results: 17, 14, 11 (17 is a new record for me. 15 was the previous)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swinging the Bar

My big problem is swinging the bar. Especially on the snatch. I have done it from day one. It is hard habit for me to break. I have been going through some resources on the Internet to find ways to correct the issue.

T-Nation has a good article about it with videos and common mistakes people make in the snatch. Here is a video that helped me out

Here is video of Natalie Burgener in slow motion. I watched this to see the timing of the pull and and hips extending

Finally I think this one really helps a lot with my issue. It gives me something to practice. I swing the bar forward because my weight and hips are probably not in the correct position in the second pull.


Morning Workout
A. 3x Handstand push-ups
Rest five minutes (stretch in between)

Results: Handstand PU 11(kip), 5(strict)/5(kip), 5(strict)/4(kip)

B. 3x Resistance band push-ups
Rest five minutes (stretch in between)

Results: 25, 20, 20

Afternoon Workout
A. Pull-ups as many sets as possible gradually building up each set by 1. For example, 1-2-3-4...etc until you fail
Rest 10 seconds in between

Results: 4 sets, got close to finishing 5 on fifth set

B. 3 x 2:00 TT, recover 5:00, until form deteriorates or you complete 6 rounds

Results: Completed 3 rounds

Evening Workout

Three sets, not for time, of:
15′ Rope Climbs x 2-3 ascents
Double-Unders x 40-50 reps
Toes to Bar x 12 reps

Results: 3 ascents using rope for grip work like a towel, 50 DU, 12 Toes to Bar
Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Hang Clean x 1 rep
Loading per minute:
1&2 = 60%...100
3&4 = 65%...110
5&6 = 70%...120
7&8 = 75%...130
9&10 = 80%...135
11&12 = 85%...145
Three sets for times of:
Row 500 Meters
10 Power Cleans (135 lb)
15 Thrusters (95 lb)
Rest 5 minutes

Round 1: 4:40 (1:52 row, 10 hang cleans straight, 5/5/5)
Round 2: 4:52 (1:55 row, 5/5 hang cleans, 5/5/5)
Round 3: 5:02 (1:59 row, 5/6 hang cleans, 5/5/5)

Notes: Going to start only resting for 10 seconds each time I rest. Even if  I can only do one or two reps instead of doing five by resting 30sec. I want to train my body to recover faster between intervals. 
Two sets of:
GHD Sit-Ups x 25 reps
Rest as needed

Monday, January 14, 2013

Straight Line

I am swinging the bar in front of me. This is causing me to lose momentum, the bar is farther away from me and it has to travel a farther distance. Tonight I was working on trying to get that bar to travel in a straighter line. I think I may have discovered I am shrugging my shoulders too late. If I start shrugging them about mid-thigh I seem to get the bar moving in straighter path once my ankles, knees and hips finish.


Morning Workout: (10am)

A. Handstand Push-Ups: 3 sets max reps
Rest 5min between sets (between sets stretch)

Results: 5(kip), 9(kip), 4(strict) 3(kip)

B. Push-Ups: Using 65lb resistance band 3x max reps
Rest 5min between sets (between sets stretch)

Results: 20, 20, 20

Afternoon Workout (at least 3hrs rest)

A. 5 sets of max rep pull-ups with 90 sec rest

Results: 9, 7, 5, 5, 5

Evening Workout(at least 3hrs rest)

Workout of the Day
Five sets of:
Front Squat x 1 rep
Rest as needed
Build over the course of the five sets to today’s heavy front squat. It does not need to be a 1-RM, just heavy for today.

Results: 205, 225, 235, 245, failed 260
Notes: I have done 250 so I tried to bump it up. Did not work.
Five sets of:
High Hang Snatch x 1.1.1
Rest as needed
Work only as heavy as perfect mechanics and good speed will allow.

Results: 70, 95, 95 (snatch balance), 95, 115
For max reps:
60 seconds of Snatch (115 lb)
30 seconds of Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes and 30 seconds
60 seconds of Snatch (105 lb)
30 seconds of Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes and 30 seconds
60 seconds of Snatch (95 lb)
30 seconds of Pull-Ups

Results: 4/28, 4/20, 10/10
Notes: Last set grip gave out. Could not do pull-ups for grip reasons. Not other strength reasons.

Ending Note:
I bought Coach's Eye for Android and bought a Jolby attachment to hold a cell phone on a tripod. Going to use that at the gym and with PVC pipe to see areas to improve. In today's work out I understood better why my snatch is swinging. A big part of it is the should shrug and jump towards the ceiling. I need to change the direction of force from more of a swing to a jump. Think shoulders hitting ceiling and jump for it. Attitude was ok. No problems. In fact it was a little better than normal thinking about Russell Wilson's attitude after the Seahawks game. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Three sets, not for time, of:
Bar Muscle-Up x 2-4 reps
L-Sit x 30-45 seconds
Double-Unders x 50 reps

Results: Chest to bars 4, L-sits 45/30/30, Double Unders 50/40/50
Notes: Better on muscle ups. L-sit weak. Did them in 10 second intervals after the first 20 second. Double-unders were so easy in the second round I thought I was cheating. Nope I was doing them right. I also met a member named Jared who can do strict bar muscle-ups. He gave me a demonstration and said just keep doing pull ups and working on that strength. It is momentum and getting your elbows over the bar.
For time:
185/125 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 10 reps
Muscle-Ups x 5 reps
185/125 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 8 reps
Muscle-Ups x 4 reps
185/125 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 6 reps
Muscle-Ups x 3 reps
185/125 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 4 reps
Muscle-Ups x 2 reps
185/125 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 2 reps
Muscle-Ups x 1 rep
As is always the case with conditioning workouts, you must take the barbell from the floor.

Results: Substituted 155lb and chest to bars instead. It took over 10min to complete. Wrists sore. Had to break up sets. Example 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2
Choose ONE of the following:
Four sets for times of:
Hill Sprint x 60 seconds
Rest 3 minutes
Four sets for times of:
Run 400 Meters
Rest 3 minutes
Four sets of:
30 Calories of AirDyne
Rest 3 minutes

Results: Ran around LA Fitness building in Sunrise village. Worst time was 1:23 (1st run) and best time was 1:19(last run). It is not quite 400m but do to the circumstances it works well. 

Working on the Snatch

I recently got some instruction from Diane Shaw at Graham CrossFit on my Olympic snatch lift. It was quite an eye opener for me. She used an app called Coach's Eye. I could see using the app that my shrug and hip drive timing was off. I was basically deadlifting then shrugging in my snatch. I am working on getting my legs in the movement more and timing the ankles, knee, hip drive with my shoulder shrug. I came across this video and it was really helpful for me. I thought I would share it here as a reference for me and for others too see in case they have the same problem.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Five sets of:
Front Squat x 2 reps
Build over the course of the five sets from 80% to as heavy as you feel possible with good mechanics today.
Rest 3 minutes

Results: 195, 210, 225, 235, 235
Notes: I struggled with the 235 today. I was surprised because I thought my max was 250.
Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:
High Hang Snatch x 1 rep
Loading by Minute – 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, ?, ?
Adjust loading as needed based on feel. Smaller jumps are fine.

Results: 60% = 80, 65% = 85, 70% = 90, 75% = 95, 80% = 105, 85% = 110, 90% = 115, 95% = 120, 95% = 120, 95%=120
Notes: Failed twice getting the 120. Really focused on trying to combine the hips, with the shoulder shrug while still keeping vertical. It felt awkward but I did feel improvements towards the end. Can still be more explosive with the legs and time the hips with the shoulders better.
Five sets of:
5 Squat Cleans (185/135 lbs)
10 Handstand Push-Ups
15 Pull-Ups
10 Thrusters (95lbs)
Rest 3 minutes

Results: I only did three rounds. Each round was 5+min. Not good. Had confidence issues with squat cleans. I was frustrated that couldn't do them quickly because I was working on the form. In the form I was working on being more explosive with the hip drive/legs and timing that with the shoulders better. In the last round I felt for brief moment a little more explosive with the legs. The handstands are weak. The first round I did 9, 1. Then the second round it was 3, 3, 3, 1. Third round it was 5, 2,1,2. Pull ups were excellent. I did 15 all three rounds without stopping. In the thrusters I moved my hands in the bar and that allowed more hip drive and put less stress on my shoulders lifting the weight over my head.