Wednesday, February 6, 2013


ME Deadlift
Result: 285lbs
Notes: I actually got up 295...with strength to spare. I did not have a great grip on it so I didn't count it. After 285lb I lose the grip on the barbell. I tried the mixed grip, but that didn't work either. Going to get some chalk and see if that helps. My hand gets sweaty and bar slips outs.

Good Mornings: 3x10, rest 45 sec (95lbs)
One Leg Barbell squat: 3x5, rest 45 sec (60lb barbell)
GHD: 3xMax Reps, (11lb, 4lb, 0)
Results: 45, 16, 20
Notes: 1-29-13 Results for GHD = 35, 26, 16
Overall difference is +4

Rest 10min

3 Rounds For Total Reps

  • 2min DU
  • 2min Pistols
  • 2min Box Jumps (24")
Round 1=110, 20, 40
Round 2=74, 10, 38

Notes: Kind of lost track of my real results. Those are bit rounded. Struggled on the pistols in the second round. Improved my DU form a bit to conserve energy better. At the end of this my legs were shaking. 

Rest 5min

Rope Hand Climbs 4x15
Stretched hamstrings, shoulders, hip flexors

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