Monday, April 22, 2013

Erik's Story


Why CrossFit?  Why Graham CrossFit?  Before joining GCF I had heard about all the new forms of exercise and getting results P90X, Insanity, CrossFit, personal trainers etc.  I needed more than an at-home work out plan.  I had tried a personal trainer before with little to no results plus it cost me a lot of money! I knew that CrossFit was group exercise and being new in the area I decided this would be the way to go.  Since I knew nobody in Puyallup and would have gone crazy not knowing anyone in this little town,  I went to GCF's free Intro Class and from the moment walking in a I felt at home.  After the workout I puked! I hadn't been pushed that hard since I was in high school doing conditioning drills for basketball.  I was hooked!  I didn't really care at this point if I saw incredible results I just wanted to get to know people and get back into some sort of shape other than round.
I improved many lifts here at Graham CrossFit, and set new Personal Records in almost all that we have done.

Deadlift #435
Back Squat #365
Clean #265
Snatch #205 (on first attempt of 1RM) 

When I first started I had to use a grey band for pull ups now I am perfecting the Butterfly!  I improved my first baseline workout from 6:36 in a grey band to 4:12 (no band)  in just six months.  I have been doing all workouts with prescribed weights for some time now and have even pushed myself to throw on the weight vest for a few!
I have lost a total of 35 pounds since joining GCF. I was wearing 38-40 inch waist pants when I started now I am between 34-36.
Diana and all of the coaches at Graham CrossFit have pushed me to be the best me I can.  I Love Graham Crossfit for changing my life.  I will always have this box close to my heart!

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